You will hear people say, SEO your website when you start a new website for your business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it allows people to find you, your business or products naturally (organic) without paying for traffic. By doing SEO you can rank for numerous keywords (search terms) in your industry and we will be able to guide you on which ones might be profitable.

What does this entail:-
– On Page Seo
– Link Building
– Content Marketing Strategy

How can SEO help my Business?

As an seo consultant I can work with you irrespective of your geographic position but my local areas covers Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Manchester, Warrington.
My objective is simple, to get you more traffic and increase your sales. I have 7 years experience in SEO and Search Engine marketings (PPC) and have worked with some of the biggest agencies in the UK supporting big brands. Most small businesses will require Local SEO as you want to dominate you business radius before you go national. If you are doing E-commerce we can jump straight into the deep end work with a National target

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is focussed on influencing local geographic searches. This is the best way to start as you easily do some quick wins with local

Why consider us as your number 1 seo agency?

Over the years I have studied, done keyword analysis into consumer search habits, competitor analysis, SEO strategies, website architecture, page elements, content, offsite SEO and domain authority, and know exactly what makes a good website tick! With me, you are in good company. We will give you the lion’s share of your market.

To find out more about our SEO services, get in touch with Simba Digital Marketing by emailing or by requesting a call back below.